Every household has a rendition of their own Curry Chicken that they swear by, but this one from the Hoh family is especially significant - because we get to share it with all of you at Champion Bolo Bun. 

For those who don’t already know, our Curry Potato Bolo Bun is stuffed with a generous amount of fragrant potato curry and minced chicken.



The core component of this in-house creation, the curry, is the recipe of our Founder, Loyi’s Mother. The uniqueness and symbolism of the Curry Potato Bolo Bun holds  alot of meaning to Loyi and her mother. We felt that it was apt to celebrate our Curry Potato Bolo Bun (and all the mothers) this Mother’s day.


We sat down with Loyi for a quick chat to find out more about the significance of the Curry Potato Bolo Bun, and her relationship with her Mother. 




Could you share with us the backstory of the creation of the Curry Potato Bolo bun? Of all flavours you could develop, why Curry? 

When I first came back to Singapore after my time in Hong Kong, I wanted to create an item on the menu that represented Singapore. I wanted to combine what I learned in Hong Kong, and create something that was reminiscent of Singapore’s cuisine - an “East Asian meets South-East Asian food item”.  


I immediately thought of the curry puff from Old Chang Kee, an item I grew up eating and that’s how I started on the R&D of the Curry Potato Bolo Bun — with huge inspiration from a curry puff that Singaporeans love.


Why did you work with your mom on this bolo bun, and what was the recipe of the Chicken Curry something you grew up eating?

To me, this was more than just a Bolo Bun that was inspired by Singapore’s food, the Curry Potato Bolo Bun means a lot to both myself and my mom — the creator of Curry Potato filling.

 My mom is a great cook and I was always well fed growing up. One of my favourite dishes is my Mom’s Curry Chicken with rice. My favourite kind of curry is one that is really spicy, has a thick gravy consistency and isn’t too jelak (cloying)

 Hence, when I thought of making a Curry Bolo Bun, it made so much sense to work with my mom — to incorporate her Curry Chicken recipe into the Bolo Bun. 


How was it like working with your mom? Were you always close?

I grew up very close to my parents. I have fond memories of crashing their dates, sleeping with them, and basically being their tiny little third wheel. I’ve always had a close connection with both my parents.

My mom is the most selfless person I know, and I grew up with so much respect for her. She is not just kind to her own family, but also to the people in her life.  Apart from being a great person and mother, my mom is also a great cook. Working with my mom was such an easy process as she hits the right spot in terms of flavour. 

Mothers — always there to feed you (regardless of your age), always there to love you, always present no matter how busy she can get. Always there.  
Make sure Mum knows how important she is this Mother’s Day! She deserves to be extra pampered on this day… and nothing says being loved than with good food and beautiful flowers. Our Mother’s Day set is available for pre-orders, and consists of 1 preserved bouquet arranged by The Weekend Florist, and 2 Curry Potato Bolo Bun. Preorder here

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